Eurotec Nutrition goes above and beyond when it comes to animal feed quality. Our product line is aimed at the preservation and nutrition of animals, serving the raising of POULTRY, SWINE, CATTLE, HORSES, PET FOOD and FISH.


With the support of a number of world-renowned research centers and organizations, it was the first company to offer products and programs for complete treatment that combine effective solutions for the preservation of feed for animal nutrition applied in the production of meals, brans, feedstuffs, oils, grains, seeds, among others.

Eurotec has a complete line of additives for preserving and controlling the degradation of raw materials, hydrolytic and oxidative rancidity, proliferation of mycotoxins, bacteria, fungi, yeast and others.


The challenge of sustainably increasing agricultural production has led Eurotec Nutrition to seek innovative solutions in animal nutrition and to maintain international partnerships with companies specializing in these field.

Eurotec Nutrition does more when it comes to animal nutrition. Our products work in improving the odor and taste of the food, stimulate digestion and improving animal performance, increase the digestibility of the feed, improved feed conversion and optimization of feed manufacturing processes, among others.